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“My experience with the transformation into a wonderful and bright smile was simple, painless and pleasant. My new Lumineers [have] brought me many compliments and confidence with an over enjoyment of meeting new people and seeing old friends. I would recommend this product to anyone whom enjoys sharing smiles with others. Thank you Dr. Salmons.” —Larry M.

“My first visit to the dentist was when I was 13 years old. The only thing I remember talking to him about was all of my gaps in my teeth. Even by then, I had been conscientious of my smile. As a teenager, I learned to control my over-jet, so that people wouldn’t notice it as much. I could barely close my lips over my teeth without pushing them together. It was really embarrassing. As an adult, I decided to visit an orthodontist. The orthodontist told me that I needed full upper and lower braces (that I would need on for two or more years) and extractions. He also said that I needed lower jaw reconstruction to move my lower jaw forward. I decided to think about it. I had dealt with this for so long and I didn’t know if it was worth all this, plus the amount of money it would cost. That is when Dr. Salmons came into the picture. One of his employees told me that he was doing Invisalign braces and that I should come in to see if I was eligible for them. I went to see Dr. Salmons very hopeful but with doubts because I knew my case was severe. As it turned out, I was a candidate for Invisalign braces. Dr. Salmons explained that I would not need extractions or jaw reconstruction. Dr. Salmons stated that the procedure would be complete in approximately 11 months. Dr. Salmons and his staff were very helpful throughout the process, explaining the procedure in full detail (I was even able to view my outcome on the computer). Dr. Salmons’ office worked out payment arrangements. Having Invisalign braces was so easy. People didn’t even know I had them. I was able to take them out to eat and to brush, making it much easier than regular braces. I only had to go to Dr. Salmons every six weeks, which worked out very well with my busy schedule. After Invisalign, I feel so much better about myself and my smile. People are constantly complimenting my smile. I am so grateful that Dr. Salmons was able to do this for me. Because of this experience I feel and look like a whole new person!! Thank you Dr. Salmons.” —Tasha

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