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Mini Implants

New Breakthrough Provides a Solution for Loose, Slipping Dentures

Dentures Before & After Photos Has insufficient bone density prevented you from obtaining the dental implants you truly wanted? Are you now wearing dentures that slide, tip, or wander, driving you more than a little crazy? Then you will be thrilled to know of a breakthrough called mini implants. Mini implants firmly anchor your dentures, abolishing slippage and trapped food. They can be installed in a single visit and are virtually painless. Which means you can look forward to eating the same day you obtain them. Additionally, they can often be placed where traditional implants cannot, so you can have all the benefits of mini implants even if you’re not a candidate for regular implants.

Mini Implants for Individual Teeth

Implants Before & After Photos Are you missing one, two, or more individual teeth? We can replace those with mini implants, too! Leaving the gap in place isn't a good idea. The other teeth can shift, changing your face shape, and the bone loss that occurs after teeth are lost can hasten the future loss of additional teeth. The best option is to replace currently missing teeth as soon as possible with a mini implant. The crown placed on the titanium post is beautifully made to look just like your other teeth. The implant post stimulates the bone to maintain your jaw strength, and your smile will be as beautiful as ever!

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