Full Dentures in Sioux City, IA

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, are removable dental prosthetics that replace natural teeth in either the mouth's upper or lower arch or both arches. At Ivan K. Salmons DDS, they are used when a person has lost all of their natural teeth due to decay, gum disease, or injury. Complete dentures are designed to restore the function and appearance of a complete set of teeth. They allow individuals to bite, chew, and speak more effectively, and they also provide support to the lips and cheeks, which can improve facial aesthetics. 

The Advantages of Full Dentures

Improved Appearance

Missing teeth can affect a person’s appearance. With all the gaps left behind, they can appear to have prematurely aged. The appearance of their face can even change due to the bone loss in their jaw. However, complete dentures can close all gaps in the smile and help it to look complete and youthful again.

Confidence Boost

Many people who have lost teeth struggle with low self-esteem and confidence. They may avoid socializing with friends and family or speaking in front of others. With the help of complete dentures, these patients can feel more self-assured in their appearance so they can live normally again without being self-conscious about their smiles.

Better Speech Patterns

Missing teeth can lead to specific speech patterns that can be detrimental to the professional and social lives of the patients. For example, they may slur their words together and have a mumbling voice. They may also have a whistling sound when they talk, which can be very embarrassing. Thanks to dentures, though, this will no longer be a problem for them. They can speak clearly and articulately with their teeth back in place. 

The Procedures for Full Dentures

Complete dentures are typically made from a pink acrylic base that mimics gum tissue, and the teeth portion is made from a durable and natural-looking material, such as acrylic or porcelain. The materials used provide durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The dentist will evaluate the individual's oral health, take impressions, and discuss the desired outcome. The impressions are used to create custom molds of the individual's mouth, which serve as a basis for fabricating the dentures. Once the dentures are ready, the individual will try them on, and the dentist will make necessary adjustments to ensure proper fit, comfort, and aesthetics. After the adjustments, the final dentures are placed, and the individual is given instructions on how to care for and wear them. It may take some time for individuals to adjust to wearing complete dentures. Initially, they may experience discomfort, altered speech, and increased saliva flow. However, these issues usually subside with time and practice, and individuals become more accustomed to wearing their dentures.

Proper care and maintenance of complete dentures are essential for their longevity and oral health. For the best dental care, visit Ivan K. Salmons DDS at 1855 Indian Hills Drive, Sioux City, IA 51104, or call (712) 239-5900.


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