How dental bridges can restore the smile after tooth loss

A single missing tooth in the smile can hurt its overall appearance and function. Still, thanks to restorative dentists such as Dr Nhu Le, patients can restore the beauty in their smiles and rebuild their confidence. Patients who visit Sioux City Family Dentistry in Sioux City, Iowa, who want to replace one or more teeth in their smile with a fixed restoration may want to ask Dr. Lee about the benefits of dental bridges.

What are dental bridges?

A fixed dental bridge is a specialized prosthetic used to fill the space left behind after losing one or several teeth. This prosthetic is made of false teeth called pontics and is created from porcelain. The pontic used to bridge the gap left by missing teeth is connected to dental crowns. These crowns are affixed to the teeth on either side of the gap to provide support. The crowns and pontics work together to form a bridge that replaces the missing teeth. Sometimes, a patient might have a dental implant placed as the anchor for a dental bridge on one or both sides. That is known as an implant-supported bridge. During an evaluation, Dr. Nhu Le will discuss their options in obtaining a dental bridge for tooth replacement.

Can a bridge be used for the front teeth?

Yes, we have fixed dental bridges near the front of the smile to help patients replace any of the teeth in the “social six.” Dental bridges can also be used in the back of the mouth to replace molars.

Do dental bridges look natural?

Sioux City Family Dentistry ensures that every restorative procedure is performed with aesthetics in mind, ensuring that the results are functional and visually appealing. We want patients to repair their smiles in a way that does not look fake or appear evident that dental work has been done. We have an eye for matching the patient’s existing teeth, so all restorations are seamless within the smile!

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