Restore Healthy Smiles with Safe Extractions at Sioux City Family Dentistry

Let’s be honest. No one loves losing their natural tooth. However, dental extractions are sometimes necessary to manage pain and restore oral health. Sioux City Family Dentistry offers safe and gentle tooth removal services to save your smile from discomfort and further health complications. Whether you need to extract an ordinary or wisdom tooth in Sioux City, Iowa, you can expect expert care from Dr. Nhu Le and the team.

Why you may need a dental extraction

While we go over and beyond to save your natural tooth, sometimes our efforts can only do so much. You may need a dental extraction for several reasons. The most common ones include severe dental decay or damage, where your tooth is beyond saving with a root canal and crown.

Your dentist may recommend dental extraction for several reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • A baby tooth preventing proper eruption of permanent teeth
  • To pave the way for orthodontic treatment
  • To resolve overcrowding
  • Advanced gum disease

When dental extractions in Sioux City, Iowa, are necessary, you have nothing to worry about. Our dental team has the experience to administer safe and gentle extractions to maintain optimal dental health. 

Tooth extraction options at our office

Your comfort is our priority when you come for dental extraction in our office. Before extraction, we’ll make sure your mouth is completely numb using local anesthesia. Still, we offer nitrous oxide sedation to help you overcome dental anxiety for a worry-free dental experience. Our dentist won’t work on you until you are comfortable.

We offer two types of extraction procedures.

  • Simple extractions: General extractions are recommended when the tooth is visible and accessible in the mouth. After anesthetizing your gums, the dentist uses special skills and tools to pull your tooth from its socket.
  • Surgical extractions: Your dentist will recommend a surgical extraction when your tooth isn’t easily accessible in the mouth. This happens when the tooth is impacted or broken at the gum line level. To perform this procedure, the dentist incises the gums and underlying bone to access the trapped tooth. The dentist usually breaks the tooth into several pieces for easier removal. The final step is to clean and suture the surgical site to kickstart recovery. 

Does your tooth need removal to restore your oral health? You are in the right place. Sioux City Family Dentistry offers safe and painless extractions in Sioux City, Iowa. Call (712) 639-6665 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nhu Le and the team.