Consider Conservative and Tooth-like Composite Dental Fillings to Restore Damaged Teeth

Dental fillings in Sioux City, Iowa, are one of the straightforward procedures in dentistry, yet they can save your tooth and oral health. Dental cavities treat and stop the progression of tooth decay. Without treatment, tooth cavities can progress, resulting in tooth loss!

While dental fillings are almost as old as dentistry, the dental materials used have evolved over the years. For decades, amalgam has been the go-to dental fillings, but now dentists use composite fillings for their aesthetics and safety. Sioux City Family Dentistry offers tooth-colored (composite) fillings to treat cavities and minor tooth damage. 

How composite fillings are placed

The process is easy, painless, and fast, often completed in one visit. The first step is to examine your tooth using photos and X-rays to ensure only a filling is required. You may need other procedures like crowns and root canals if your tooth is damaged or infected.

After examination, the dentist removes a small portion of the decayed tooth and cleans the area to remove all traces of harmful bacteria. The doctor will then fill the void left in layers with tooth-colored material. Each composite layer is hardened with a special light to create a durable restoration.

Before concluding the procedure, the dentist will shape the filling and test your bite to ensure it’s comfortable and natural. The final step is to polish your filling to match the contours of your natural tooth. 

Benefits of composite fillings

Composite fillings can be shaded like natural teeth, blending seamlessly with your smile. This way, you can smile and talk confidently without revealing any evidence of dental work. Composite fillings can be used to restore teeth anywhere in the mouth, including teeth visible when smiling and areas where aesthetics matter.

The other benefits of composite fillings include:

  1. Conservative treatment
  2. Composite doesn’t contain toxic substances
  3. Durable restorations
  4. Composite chemically bonds with the tooth for added strength 
  5. Metal-free alternative
  6. They don’t change in size regardless of temperature changes

Maintaining your filling

Composite fillings are durable and can last 8-10 years before replacement. However, to ensure your fillings last long, you must take optimal care of them, which includes brushing and flossing your teeth. Furthermore, don’t forget semi-annual dental appointments to allow us to check the condition of your dental work. Lastly, avoid smoking to keep your fillings stain-free, and wear a mouthguard if you brux teeth.

Get composite fillings in Sioux City, Iowa.

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